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Career Opportunities with us.


Start on the ground of a small yet mobile commodity trading company - a Start-up with a strong reputation!

This role will require abilities in many disciplines, like sales, logistics, finance, accounting, and even HR.

We aren't just looking for employees, but people who want to join and be a part of the business long-term. A partner.

At the beginning months, we require you in the office to learn, but eventually, working at your leisure or at distance for most/or all of the time, is the goal.

We are looking for a business savvy and team-focused person, with an intrapreneurial spirit!

If that doesn't sound like you so far, than do not keep reading...


Opportunity Available: International Trader & Logistics Manager (Partnership Opportunity)

Job place: Warsaw Centrum, Poland.



- open, nurture, and farm business relationships with current and new customers,

- research sources for new prospective customers and analyze their potential,

- conclude contracts and generate new business, under supervision of founder,

- coordinate sales efforts with the entire team, including founder, sales, logistics, accounting/finance, and legal.


Required Skills and Experience:

- Masters in finance/trade or MBA in Business Administration, preferred, or similar to a B.Sc in business administration.

- minimum 1-2 years of experience in international trade, ideally 3 years +

- must have 1-2 years of experience working for a logistics company, or experience with logistics handling transport/accounting/& even legal matters,

- telephone, customer service, or mobile sales experience, is an asset.

- experience in dairy commodities trade or brokerage is an asset, but not required, such as: dairy (milk, cream, milk powders, cheese, butter, fats, etc.),

- If no dairy experience, must have some experience in agricultural commodity markets, such as: plant oils, fruits and vegetables, and other products ( eg. glucose-fructose syrup, cocoa and chocolate powder, etc.),

- good knowledge of English required, but also it is preferred to have knowledge of one of: German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, or another foreign language.

- ability to establish contacts easily,

- stable and consistent business savvy and organization,

- focus on financial results, operational efficiency, and the team first,

- strong motivation, creativity, and problem-solving abilities,

- client availability and communication skills,

- good knowledge of Microsoft Office and strong computer skills,

- experience with a CRM sales program.

The Opportunity:

- We can be flexible, by providing either of: 1) a contract of employment, preceded by a period of probation, or 2) a B2B contract. 

- Work within a multidimensional, fast,  and growing team, with the opportunity for intense development in office work and travel abroad. 

- Work for a company that has a strong ethical & honourable reputation in the industry focused on the long-term, rather than on-off / short-term business.

- Opportunity to start on the ground floor of a company that values its people and offers a base salary, the strongest commission package in the industry, as well as opportunities for partnership /& ownership.

- Many business trips to clients

- Participation in domestic and foreign trade fairs


Submit all CV/Resume's to "Attention: Application - Resume/Trader" at, Email:


On a final note:

Kudron reserves the right to respond to applicants at our discretion.

We want to be a new type of company, focused on all products. We also seek business-partners that have new ideas, and want to help us grow. But we also value the older and traditional way to doing business: respect, on-time deliveries, honoured contracts, promises to our clients we keep, and relationships with our counterparts that are as strong as our personal and professional reputations.

We want to reiterate, that we are looking for people that are focused on the long-term benefit of the whole company, not just on the short-term financial results. Business is about giving value to all the clients we touch and work together with, and not just a one-off.

Tired of working for a large company, and having no-say on the future of it's growth or long-term security?

Want to create something bigger than yourself, as well as make money in the process?

If this sounds like you, we are ready to hear from you!

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